Chance Thomas

Academy, Emmy Award-winning music composer, video games, virtual reality, movies, television. Special appearance “Tech Know Rock” KSA Forte Music Con™

Chance Thomas creates award-winning music for video games, virtual reality, movies, and television. His music has underscored both critical acclaim and commercial success, including an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and billions of dollars in sales worldwide.

His credits include the most valuable entertainment properties in the world: AVATAR, STAR WARS, MARVEL, THE LORD OF THE RINGS, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, and many others.

His innovations in the video game industry include producing one of the world’s first adaptive live orchestral scores (Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire), systemic composition maps for delivering seamless anytime music transitioning based on changing game states (Left Behind: Eternal Forces), and the largest known procedural music score in history unfolding across 16,327 music files (The Settlers: New Allies).

Chance is in demand at university music programs across the United States, giving workshops, guest lectures, and Master Classes at music schools nationwide:

Chance has authored a popular university textbook, Composing Music for Games: The Art, Technology and Business of Video Game Scoring. The book has been universally praised for offering composers essential tools to establish and maintain successful careers in music scoring. His second book, Making it HUGE in Video Games, is scheduled for release by Routledge Press/CRC imprint during the summer of 2023.

He is a founding member of the Game Audio Network Guild and served on its Board of Directors for 15 years. His leadership brought video game music into the Grammy Awards for the first time. He has served on Advisory Boards for the Game Developers Conference, Brigham Young University, Full Sail University, Johns Hopkins University, The Musicians Institute of Hollywood, and the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

Chance is happily married, a father of three children, and lives in Bountiful, Utah, USA