The Nashville Connection Heroes Salute, Nashville, USA
JDB Entertainment Global 2011-2016

Unprecedented Songster Bus™
A musical dream and journey of a lifetime

Photo Ops and Interviews
On the road with the SongsterBus™
Songster Bus™ award winning mentor Bernie Nelson with singer and songwriting team Nashville
Cameras rolling! Creating hit songs with award winning mentors
Award winning performers, songwriters, mentors: Kalenna Harper, Karen Staley, & Darryl Worley and Songster Bus team Nashville
Cameras, lights, action! Spotlighting top talent!

Talent Search and Auditions

Creating a hit song!
Live “Shine” Auditions with music industry judges
Promoting up and coming talent
A classical music Spotlight
Introducing original music
Adding a Bluegrass flare
Warm up and audition time backstage!
The Nashville Connection Heroes Salute talent auditions travel to historic Landmarks, Paramount Theater, Bristol Tennessee
Live “Shine” Audition - Every genre of music! Performers, Sponsors & Judges with WSSL 100.5 iHeart Radio
The Nashville Connection Heroes Salute Songster Bus™ winners showcase
Taking it to another level Recording hit song!
Teaching the next generation Awarding music scholarships in vocal presentation and performance
Contestants auditioning for The Nashville Connection Heroes Salute

TV Interviews and Press Coverage

Gotta have a T-shirt!
Traveling and promoting events!
Captain Jack and Renegade Radio, the best in Nashville covering  The Nashville Connection Heroes Salute Songster Bus™, with Joan Betros and COL Fareed Betros.
Scene on Seven TV Greenville, South Carolina
Interviewing top mentors
Press interviews with contestants
Interviews with TJ Cates, icon of Nashville Entertainment Weekly
The Nashville Connection Heroes Salute Master Classes
Top music industry songwriters Dave Gibson and Bernie Nelson mentoring up and coming artists
The Nashville Connection Heroes Salute exclusive vocal master classes
JDB Entertainment Global, Warner Music, ICON Studios, AfterTouch Records, Dave Brooks, Joan Betros, Cris Lacy, Stone Stafford, Roger Ryan
Art of arranging songs
Connecting and learning with the best in the music industry
Art of performance
Art of songwriting

Spontaneous Jam

Creating music spontaneously
Jamming with the best - Showcase


Nashville Connection final competition with top music industry judges, Greenville, South Carolina
Artistic performance at its best
"I love your vibrato!" Nashville Connection final competition day with top music industry judges: ICON Studios, Warner Music, top Songwriter and Producer Sam Tate, AfterTouch Records, and DB Artist Development
Spontaneous Trio Competition with Music Industry Mentors
Performing with live audience at iconic Nashville venue
Top music industry professionals in every aspect of the business participating The Nashville Connection Heroes Salute competition event. Winners receive an opportunity of a lifetime in the music industry to work up close and personal, connect with the best, and create new sounds and hit records.

Red Carpet

JDB Entertainment Global, The Nashville Connection  Red Carpet Meet & Greet with Master Vocal Coach Dave Brooks and Roger Ryan Producer Arranger AfterTouch Records
Producers Red Carpet and WSSL 100.5 iHeart Radio and world renowned guitarist Vinney Martel
Grand Prize winners – record deals, TV appearances, performance opportunities, publishing deals!
Nashville Connection on the Red Carpet
Red Carpet celebration Kick-off for recording artist Austin Webb
Nashville Palace Red Carper with recording artist Irlene Mandrell and Wade Hays
Roger Ryan, Winners, Fun on the Red Carpet Nashville Palace
Melvin Cunningham and the Nashville Connection Heroes Salute fan club

Nashville Connection Heroes Salute
Red Carpet Music Industry Mentors

Cris Lacy
Senior Vice President
Warner Music Nashville
Stone Stafford
CEO Icon Studios
Top Executive Producer and Publishing
Roger Ryan
CEO Top Executive Producer
Director AfterTouch Records
Doug Kahan
Top producer, songwriter, and award-winning musician
Kenny Royster
Top Producer, Engineer, Song Writer and Studio Vocal Coach
Sam Tate
Award-winning Songwriter Musician and producer
Anthony Francis
Top Social Media Guru and Marketing Executive with Roger Ryan, Rodeo Gypsy, and 40 West
David Wyatt
Top Entertainment Lawyer
Canaan Smith
Top Recording Artist
Lindsay Bennett
Top Vocal Coach, Booking Manager, Casting Director, Digital Media
Darryl Worley
Award-winning and Top Recording Artist
Karen Staley
Award-winning Country Music Singer Songwriter

Award Winning Songster Bus™ Mentors

Crystal Nicole
Top Award-winning Songwriter, Songster Bus™ Mentor
Rod Michael
Top Recording Artist, Singer, Performer, Producer, Songwriter, Songster Bus™ Mentor
Kaleena Harper
Award-winning Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Love and Hip Hop, Songster Bus™ mentor
Tom Worth
Top Songwriter for network television, Composer,  Songwriter, and Songster Bus™ Mentor
Bernie Nelson
Award-winning Top Songwriter and Songster Bus™ Mentor
Dave Gibson
Award-winning Top Songwriter and Songster Bus™ Mentor
Anthony Francis
Top Social Media Guru and Marketing Executive with Roger Ryan, Rodeo Gypsy, and 40 West
David Wyatt
Top Entertainment Lawyer
Canaan Smith
Top Recording Artist

JDB Entertainment Global Creators Executive Producers / Directors

Joan Betros
CEO Creator Executive Producer / Director JDB Entertainment Global
Dave Brooks
Co-creator, Celebrity Master Vocal Coach Executive Producer JDB Entertainment Global

Nashville Connection Heroes Salute Concerts
Saluting Our Military and Their Families

Recording artist Darry Worley honoring our military
The NCHS concert starring Martha Reeves and headlining Barry Michael
Recording artist Craig Morgan honoring Gold Star Moms
Recording artist Craig Morgan and amazing NCHS security detail

Nashville Connection Heroes Salute Performance Winners

40 West
Austin Webb
Austin Webb
The Nashville Connection Heroes Salute Grand Prize winner with record deal signed, sealed, delivered!

Nashville Connection Heroes Salute Grand Prize Winners

Greyson Turner
Ali Henderson
Recording Artist / Songwriter Barry Michael  performing for the Gold Star Moms and families
Amazing Pfeiffer Twins Musicians Extraordinaire
J Edwards and David Craig performing at the Nashville Palace

Saluting Our Military and Military Families

Honor Guard salute at The Square in Nashville
Gold Star Moms performance with Country Star Craig Morgan
The Nashville Connection Heroes Salute presents the American Veterans Traveling Tribute (the Traveling Vietnam Wall) honoring our Vietnam veterans and all who have served and died defending freedom
Nashville Connection Heroes Salute winners performing at Churchill Downs Race Track for military families
Saluting our military families, Churchill Downs VIP performance
Amazing Pfeiffer Twins honoring our military
COL Fareed Betros and Joan Betros saluting our military and all our music participants
Recording artist Trent Tomlinson saluting the Unites States Marine Corps
Darry Worley: A salute to our military and kick-off of The Nashville Connection Heroes Salute audition day Musicians Hall of Fame

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