The Forte Music Con™

The host nation and the USA working together to make music history!

The Forte Music Con™ legacy event is a one of a kind experience of mixing sounds, creating original music and hit songs, resulting in an amazing and enduring music and cultural connection, with cameras rolling.

Introducing Exclusive Artist Experience Master Classes: Learning and connecting with the very best in the music industry, including Grammy Award Winning singers, songwriters and musicians.

International musicians connect with Grammy award-winning writers and producers and their host nation counterparts to create, network, exchange cultures, and make music history together!

Promoting the great spirit of the host nation, spotlighting its achievements, and bringing nations together on the world stage through the power of music.

Introducing the “Shine” Audition talent search for singers, songwriters, singer-songwriters, poets, musicians and music entrepreneurs.

Creating a unique cultural and entertainment experience through art, fashion, cuisine, and music exchanges during the World Music Connection, part of the Forte Music Con™.

Introducing our spectacular Songster Bus™ USA Good Will Music Tour showcasing up and coming music artists from different countries for a journey of a lifetime working with music industry titans, highlighting their unique stories and cultures through the power of music on the world stage.

    The Power of Music - Saudi Arabia – Exclusive “Shine” Master Classes

    JDB Entertainment Global “Exclusive” Shine Master Classes – Saudi Arabia/Dubai



    JDB Entertainment Global is honored to work closely with the ANTHEM Foundation, a non-profit organization, that plans, organizes, and manages educational, entertainment and music cultural exchanges in the United States and that bridges cultures and unifies nations through the power of music.